Van vault have seriously upped their game, being the first in the market to produce a product that protects your tools to police standards. The new and unique ‘VaultLock’ locking system and reinforced areas of attack, ensures that items such as valuable power tools and equipment are as safe as houses.


What do the improved systems offer?

  • Crossbar reinforced lids.
  • Improved storage space and functionality.
  • Wide mouthed drop front to storage containers.
  • Anti theft fixing kit.
  • Recessed key lock.
  • Soft open and close lid.
  • Tested VaultLock locking system.

Van Vault is the leading name in secure storage containers. We design, develop and make quality theft-prevention storage boxes. We’ve done the research and rigorous testing… when we say tough, we mean it. From our years of knowledge and experience, you get a quality product that works. Small van? Tipper truck? On-site security. We’ve got you covered. Our range of storage solutions are designed to keep your tools safe and organised, whatever trade you work in and whatever you want to store – whether that’s power tools, hand tools, copper pipes or even site transformers.” –Van Vault.


Van break-ins are on the rise and with a break-in taking as little as 10 seconds, it’s easy to see why investing in the best protection for in van tools should be a top priority. Here’s also another few ways in which you could avoid being the next victim to this heinous crime.

  • Don’t keep tools on show. Sounds obvious right? But even popping out of your van for a few minutes – without checking that there’s nothing in sight- is more than enough time for a successful break-in.
  • Have a visible and working alarm. Thieves aren’t going to bother drawing attention to themselves. If they can’t get the goods and be off with your livelihood in a few seconds, they’ll most likely move on. Silent alarms can now be sent to your smartphone to alert you of a possible attack.
  • Where you park matters. Parking in a well lit area, close to the job or your own home. p.s. If it’s unavoidable to leave tools in the van overnight- park cleverly and manoeuvre the van so the door is close to a wall or somewhere where it would make a difficult job for any thief to scarper with your tools.
  • Wheel Clamps. Think this sounds like too much hassle? Time to rethink that old notion as using a wheel clamp would also cover the wheel nuts, avoiding thieves taking the entire van, along with its contents.

Whatever vehicle you have, there’s a Van-Vault for you. Click here to view a tool protection and van tour. Why not come into Chandlers to get further advice on which is the best for you and come and collect your complimentary ” No Tools Left In This Van” sticker.