” mirror mirror on the wall…who is the fairest of them all?”

Well if we’re completely honest, We’re totally blown away by the new bathroom cabinets that have more added features than your standard bathroom ware offers.

Brighten up your bathroom with one of our stunning mirrors or mirrored cabinets, with a host of useful features to choose from. Keeping things steam-free is a big bonus for a bathroom mirror.” Joe Elliot, Designer.

Introducing the new range of Roper Rhodes cabinets.

Design and functionality come together beautifully to compliment any style of bathroom you have. Storage is a premium with these cabinets, but it’s the special features such as heated demister pad, LED lighting, temperature changing lighting, infrared touch sensor and even Bluetooth connectivity that truly puts these ahead of the game.

Goodbye ‘whistle while you work’, it’s now ‘sing while you shave’.

Listen up and start your day the right way with Lyric 500 or Lyric 650. With LED illumination, built-in Bluetooth wireless technology and superior stereo speakers, these beautiful yet extremely practical cabinets allow you to pair your smart device to the bathroom cabinet.

Floodlit and photo ready. The Presence range is beautifully bright LED illumination, with a twist. It’s temperature changing technology offers the perfect lighting scheme for the time of day and the task at hand. A useful added bonus for all members of the household.

HiB also offers the wonderful Ether 80 or Vapor 50, which uses LED lighting in different styles. Taking your bathroom out of the ordinary and simply making it beautiful, HiB cover a comprehensive range of bathroom furniture that begs to be browsed.

Make your finishing touches count.

Available in a number of sizes, these new level of cabinets work well to integrate into a range of bathroom styles, so if you are looking to either totally renovate your bathroom space or just spruce up an existing range, ranges of cabinets will fit seamlessly into your own project and budget.

Come and take a look at our bathroom showroom and ask our friendly staff here at Chandler Material Supplies for more information and possible options to help you make the most of this next level technology.