Increasingly, tradespeople are being left out of pocket every year as vans are being targeted by thieves for their tools.

Police figures from 30 out of 45 areas show there were 14,063 thefts of tools from vehicles in 2015 rising to 22,749 last year.

‘#NoVanber’ was set up by Plumber, Peter Booth in response to this rising crime.

“On the 1st November, I’m starting a campaign on social media called #noVANber to take a petition to government to get the courts to take this more seriously. It’s not just criminal damage, they’re affecting our ability to work and our ability to earn a living”

What are we up against ?

  • In the UK, a van is broken into every 23 minutes
  • 50% of tradespeople have been a victim of van crime on more than one occasion
  • The average value of a van theft now stands at £1,692
  • £94,521,600 was the total cost to tradespeople in 2016 (according to Trade Direct)
  • 50% of victims weren’t able to work the following day, costing at least £500 in earnings

In order to be discussed in parliament, 100k signatures need to be added to the petition. To do your bit and make a real change. Support #NoVanber and sign here.


How to prevent vehicle and tool theft.

• Although obvious to some, locking the doors and shutting the windows whenever you are not in the van- this includes popping out to grab a bite to eat.

• Keep ALL possessions out of sight. Valuable or not. Even if you know that there is nothing in a jacket pocket or paperwork left on the seat. Someone’s toot, is another persons treasure, so worth running a tidy ship and having a a clear out of anything visible.

• Remove tools from your van if possible when left overnight.

• Fit a tool safe like the Van Vault and ensure it is fully secured with good quality locks. – Click here to view our VanVault Range

• Restrict access by parking your van close to a hedge or wall.

• Engrave or mark tools and their boxes with your postcode and house number.

• Fit additional external locks to van doors.

• Use an approved steering lock or gear clamps and if you have one, get in the habit of setting your immobiliser and alarm.

• Fit a dual band tracking device that works on VHF/UHF and GPS to ensure that one tracking system is still functioning if criminals use GPS blocking techniques to avoid detection. Purchase devices to ‘Thatcham’ and ‘SBD’ approval to combat this type of vehicle theft, as vehicles equipped with a tracking device are often promptly recovered.

• Use a “Pedal Box Guard” to encase the pedals when the vehicle is not in use.

• Fit an on-board diagnostic (OBD) safe device, a secure lockable device that fits over the vehicle’s OBD port, inside the cabin, to prevent additional keys being coded.

  • Insurance. Make sure you are fully insured and that you keep all the receipts for your tools separately away from the van. This can speed up the process of claiming for your lost goods and earnings immensely.