In these balmy summer evenings, there are few things more enjoyable than escaping to a cool, airy room.

From barely-there blushes of pink and grey, to strong whites, there’s a multiple of ways to create a fresh, clean look with Dulux’s pigment rich paint. But there’s a lot more to Dulux paint than simply a vast pallet of perfect hues.

Dulux, a trusted ‘quality’ name, have always been known for their premium opacity and coverage throughout the building trade. And now, it looks like they’re doing even better than alright by enhancing their already quality product to benefit customers and tradespersons alike, with a brand new vinyl matt formulation.

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“The new formulation has a smooth flow for easy application and the benefit of reduced ‘fly-off’ for a more enjoyable and efficient decorating process. The improved consistency supports the need for a high quality, uniform finish, whilst continuing to deliver an outstanding opacity coverage…We have dedicated a huge amount of time to understanding appliers’ and specifiers’ real needs…To ensure what we’ve delivered meets their expectations, whether it’s being used with a brush, spray or roller.”

-Paul Dougherty, AkzoNobel’s Head of Product and Portfolio Marketing.

Dulux’s research and developmental testing yields results that can take customers where their imagination takes them…from room to room.

Brighten up kitchen walls, refresh your bathroom, never miss a spot with minimalistic whites or rejuvenate your home with a up-cycling project.

From specially formulated bathroom and kitchen paint to durable and easy paint. Whatever the job, Chandler’s got a paint that’s right for you.