Trex hasn’t felled one tree in its 20 year business lifespan. A bold statement, but true non the less!

“As one of the largest plastic recyclers in the U.S., Trex saves 400 million pounds of plastic and wood from landfills each year, so our eco friendly-decks contribute to a healthier environment.”

This isn’t just lip service coming from a green bandwagon. Trex® eco-friendly composite decks, are made from an innovative blend of 95% recycled timber and plastic. Timber sawdust that would ordinarily go into landfill, along with plastics from sources such as plastic bags & plastic wrappers for example, are married together to not only create beautiful decking, but to have an actual impact on environmental issues we are all facing.

This has progressively become of great importance when presenting customers / clients with products. As now, not only do they have a budget, but also an environmentally conscience need that has to be met and satisfied.

How does this environmentally sound decking compare with other types? Other options are out there, with ultra budget conscious customers hoping to grab a bargain, but in doing so, they do at ( ironically) a cost, further down the line.

Hollow decking: Hollow composites are generally low-quality, low-budget options. Since the boards are hollow, they tend to be flimsy and less durable. Hollow composites don’t have the lasting durability of Trex and can fade, stain, scratch and mould can also form.

PVC decking: PVC decking is another low-maintenance alternative to timber. Just like composite, PVC can resist rotting and mould. However, PVC decking is far less environmentally friendly, produced mostly from virgin plastic. Prone to chalking/ staining, plus is also more likely to shrink and expand with extreme temperature changes than composites.

With its low-maintenance and weather resistance qualities, high resistance composite decking, such as Trex Transcend®, Enhance® and Select®, keep areas looking good-as-new long after the leaves and the snow have fallen. Trex decking won’t soak up water like wooden planks and won’t splinter, warp or fade during a hot summer. Holding a 25-year Fade & Stain warranty to boot, you’ll find comfort in knowing that this decking will maintain its vibrant color and luxurious finish throughout the seasons.

Come and see for yourself the selection of Trex colours and finishes at Chandlers. There’s always someone to help you choose the right product for your project.