In our current climate where we see everywhere that plastic is the environmental enemy, there’s no doubt that the clear winner championing plastic piping and fitting is Hep20. And there’s tradespeople everywhere willing to stand up for this plastic piping and fittings hero over old school copper any day.

So why the big push on plastic ? After all the Europeans have been in the knowledge for years.

Whether it’s installing or repairing, both copper and plastic pipes have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the situations job in hand.

Copper pipe pros:

• Bacterial resistant

• Long lifespans of up to 70 years

• Recyclable

Copper pipe cons:

• Harder to cut, curve and manipulate.

• More prone to leaks than plastic.

• Requires more joints than plastic.

Plastic pipe/fitting pros:

• Cheaper than copper

• Easier to install

• Better expansion and extraction properties

• Flexibility of curvature when fitting

• Retains heat better than copper

• Better corrosion resistance

• Can be used along copper piping to join both materials.

Plastic pipe/fitting cons:

• Cannot be recycled easily in the U.K.

So plastic piping is clearly a winner in the pipe wars, with ‘Push Fit Plumbing’ being developed in response to installer feedback, Push fit Hep2O is the only plastic system approved by British Gas and used by 70% of major UK house builder. Not only this, it also includes a number of unique and innovate benefits:

1. In4SureTM joint recognition – tells you when the pipe is in.

2. Secure demounting with the new HepKeyTM system.

3. New, improved SmartSleeve stays captive in the pipe.

4. 50 years industry leading guarantee.

5. Flexible pipe which comes off the coil straight.

With a range of underfloor heating systems for new and existing floors, Hep2O is by far the way to go when choosing a new installation or refurbishing an existing one.

Chandler Material Supplies stocks all of your Hep2O needs and is also on hand to help with any questions you may have, be it a current or further job to hand.