Porcelain paving is one of the most beautiful, premium additions you can make to an outdoor space.

Reflecting the feel of natural stone, but with a practical edge. The benefits of a choosing a porcelain patio or path mean you get a scratch resistant, non-porous, easy to clean product, that requires no sealing and that will look good all year round.

So what is porcelain paving made from?

Porcelain paving is formed by baking a mixture of clay, sand and other minerals in a high-temperature kiln producing an incredibly durable and non-porous material. Being resistant to water absorption ensures that porcelain paving requires very little maintenance. There’s no need to apply a sealant as the pavers are already stain and mildew resistant. Liquids such as oils and chemicals cannot penetrate the surface so can simply be wiped away and any fungus growth is mitigated.

An exceptionally dense material, porcelain paving is extraordinarily hard-wearing; something not always synonymous with porcelain. Scratch resistant too, it’s perfect for those high footfall paths and for pairing with garden tables and chairs to shape stunning outdoor spaces.

Consistently accurate sizes allow porcelain paving to be laid with thin joints that create that desirable modern appearance to your garden. Smoother-surfaced matching versions allow you to use the same paving indoors meaning you can create that continuous flow from inside to the outside.

Where authentic designs meets contemporary features, Bradstone unveil a choice of two must-have’s for obtaining the best of both worlds.

Get that low maintenance ultra modern look in your outdoor space with HALUS.

A hard-wearing, scratch resistant and low maintenance paving solution, ideal for bringing a modern, contemporary style to gardens and patios. Designed to mimic the unique qualities of natural stone, every paver offers a huge variation in colour. However, it doesn’t require the sealing needed for Smooth Natural Sandstone. It is available in a patio pack consisting of four different sized pavers in a choice of two shades, Buff or Grey

ROMELI. A hard-wearing, scratch resistant and low maintenance paving that is ideal for bringing a modern, contemporary style to gardens and patios. It is designed to mimic the look of natural stone and its unique qualities offering a huge variation in colour.

Chandler Material Supplies are official stockists of Bradstone paving and have a wealth of information and expertise to hand to help you chose the right design and paving for you and your garden, so come on in and get inspired.