Continued physical work in all seasons takes its toll on those who’s work in the building and landscaping trade. What makes this product different from any other over-the-counter remedies, is that it was made for those working in the outdoor industries, by someone who had first hand knowledge of what it was like to do so.

Okeefe’s highly concentrated formulations were initially created to help relieve severely dried and cracked skin. This has, since then led to more formulations that have been tried and tested to cover the needs of all those who need it, across all industries. Not only to moisturise, but to protect and heal their skin on a day-to-day level.

Okeefe’s puts moisture back into the skin and leaves a barrier on my between washing. Simply great stuff!” Kris- Carpenter.

Having eczema, which causes my skin to be dry and itchy, especially during the changing of the seasons. With Okeefe’s Skin Repair, I noticed a big difference in a couple of days, so much so, I need reminding to use it daily ” Ben – Chandler Material Supplies.

I don’t have to keep reapplying like other salves, once in the morning is enough for the whole day and the results are super quick” – Lauren- Chandler Material Supplies.

“I’m on my feet all day, everyday. This Healthy Feet cream has been a life saver, especially during the summer when your feet are more exposed to clients. ” Mel – Freelance Hair Stylist.